quinta-feira, 14 de maio de 2009

Lisboa,capital of Saudade

Lisbon: is poetry, is culture, is light, is music, is beauty. It is the capital of the most peripheral and oldest country in Western Europe: Portugal.

It is the city of genius writer Fernando Pessoa and Fado, sad national song, born in Mouraria – the old small block in the heart of Lisbon, built by the Moorish. In Lisbon it is possible to smell the Atlantic Ocean, the spirit of maritime discoveries from XV century, and it is possible to feel how these two things deeply influence the soul of Portuguese people, until nowadays.

There is a great range of choices in this city. In Oriental part you can find the modern city with high buildings and technology, the new Bridge Vasco da Gama and the two towers that look like two boats entering in the Tagus River. Both were built for the Universal Exhibition in 1998. In the center of city known as “New Avenues” the business world of this capital is built, as well as some of the most important universities of the EU.

And in Downtown the magic begins. Tagus is the soul of the city and more than in other parts of Lisbon, in downtown or close to it, you can feel the touch of this big grey line of water. The city would not be complete without it. It makes a perfect harmony. That’s why it’s easy to fall in love with Lisbon.

There is always something going on and the life standard is one of the cheapest in the EU. You can have a great funny night and spend less than 7 €. Moreover, it is quite safe to walk in the streets by day or night. The long nightlife starts around 3 a.m. In Avenida 24 de Julho there is a big variety of night clubs. But first of all, it is important to enjoy the old place full of pubs - “Bairro Alto”.

On Sundays, until 2 p.m., the entrance to museums and public monuments is free. On Tuesdays and Saturday mornings you can enjoy the old fair from XIII century, called “Feira da Ladra”. Over there you can purchase some second-hand things, all for reasonable price. The fair is also the best place to find Vintage articles. And in order to get there you can walk around old and small charming streets, or take the old yellow tram n. 28.

From Chiado to Belém, and from Alfama to Madragoa in Lisbon. Try to enjoy the city by walking. Just be careful with the Portuguese pavement. It’s typical, it’s artistic, it’s beautiful and it’s also dangerous for people with high heels. Do not find it weird if in the Main Street downtown, called Rua Augusta, someone offers you illegal products. Try to resist!

Sónia Garrido Faria
(article published in Voices Magazine, Macedónia www.vcs.org.mk)

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